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Our Premiere Unified Customer Experience (UCX) Platform

Talk to our sales team today to find out how our premiere IT Support Panel  provides a best-in-class experience to your business and employees.

How Are We Different?

Our premiere IT Support Panel is one of our biggest differentiator when comparing us to our competitors. Our support panel is integrated with Microsoft M365 along with being instantly available on workstations and mobile devices, and is completely customizable (we can custom configure different menus and portals for different users within your business). Do away with contacting IT support via antiquated email tickets and web portals, and give your business and your employees a much better and easier user experience.

Our award winning software increases employee productivity by reducing phone support time by up to 50%.

  • Our Desktop App can be accessed by clicking on the Green IT icon located on your workstation desktop, in the task bar, via the Microsoft Teams Panel, or the mobile app.
  • Easy to use and log support tickets (No need to login).
  • Your staff gets instant visibility of the IT Support Provider.
  • Faster access to support so staff can focus on what they do best!
  • Complete visibility via our Web Portal.
  • Proactive email updates on all work performed.

We Also Have a Mobile App Making Your IT Support Team Easily Accessible From Anywhere.

IT Support Panel Mobile App works on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android enabling your employees within your business to have ‘one pane of glass’ access to everything related to IT from one (1) simple button.

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