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Protect your Business against cyberthreats with zero-trust Password Management

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More than 80% of successful data breaches are due to compromised passwords.

Don’t let your business become part of the 80% that gets breached. No Doozy IT is proud to have partnered with Keeper Security in providing their Enterprise Password Manager application to all of our Managed IT clients. With the use of their tools combined with our process and expertise in the setup, management, and training, we can eliminate the need for your business and employees to use or even know any passwords, greatly reducing the chances of your company against the threat of weak or leaked passwords.

Prevent breaches, reduce helpdesk tickets, and increase productivity.

With No Doozy IT, coupled with Keeper Security’s Password Manager, we can provide that first line defense that businesses need against security breaches. And by reducing the amount of tickets submitted for lost, missing, or compromised passwords, we greatly reduce the amount of downtime and delays saving your business both time and money.

A Secure Passwordless Experience for Your Users.

No Doozy IT can leverage Keeper Password Manager along with Microsoft’s M365 Single Sign On (SSO) and their built in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protection to give your business or organization the most secure configuration against cyber threats. Utilizing Microsoft’s SSO also gives your employees a seamless integration without the need to use any other password other than the one to their own Microsoft account, promoting a password free culture within your business.

So What is Password Security?

Take a look at our security awareness training video on Password Security to learn more about why it is important to have processes and procedures such as password management in place at your business or organization.

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